As civil rights champion Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. so eloquently said “The ultimate weakness of Violence is that it is a Descending Spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy, Returning Violence for Violence multiplies Violence, adding deeper Darkness to a Night already devoid of Stars.” 

There is no question about the absolute primacy of a society based on Peace, thus we strive to promote peaceful solutions in schools & communities where physical and sexual violence are all too widely accepted and commonplace. 

In an environment where government structures are weak or ineffective, it’s the responsibility of a civil society organization to stand up for children’s rights.

A 2005 joint report of Raising Voices and Save the Children Uganda conducted in 5 districts of Uganda concludes that “in overwhelming numbers, children described the rampant use of violence against them:  

-98 percent of children reported experiencing physical or emotional violence

-75.8 percent reported experiencing sexual violence

 -74.4 percent reported experiencing economic violence.

 For each form of violence, a significant percentage of children reported experiencing the violence at least once a week or more.

What Joy for Children Uganda is doing to prevent violence against children:

  • An assessment of the social impacts of the World Bank’s Uganda Transport Sector Kamwenge – Fort Portal Project which uncovered significant issues of sexual violence against girls.Measures are currently being taken to address these issues on an individual, community, governmental, World Bank & international aide level.
  • Establishment of Violence Prevention Centers for Children.
  • This is a safe place for children who have become victims of violence. Affected children are encouraged to visit the center and their cases are referred to police.
  • Promoting violence-free Education thru Work with schools and sensitizing communities
  • Engaging probation officers who are primarily responsible for following up cases of child abuse.

Please See Our Specific Projects on Violence Prevention: