The Foundation of Our Work is:

Close & compassionate listening to individuals & communities who know best what they need

Community Engagement & Building Trust

Dialogue with key Constituents & Influencers on the issue

Well-conceived Action Plans

Buy-in from Leaders at every level from the Community thru to District, National, & International levels

Coalition building around the Issue that is Inclusive & Diverse

Well-organized Training of Teams that will carry the Mission Forward & Train others

Use of multiple Media formats to assist in Communicating the Message

Continuous Monitoring & Dialogue with Teams, Leaders, Influencers, and Communities for Evaluation of Effectiveness

Research into the Issues and Actions that provide Data & Accounts to reveal the true nature of Progress

Always continuing the Dialogue across all Levels to Understand Progress

Flexibility to Adapt to changing Conditions as they Arise

Persistence in Focusing the Mission & Executing the Action Plan