Children with disabilities are among the most marginalized and disadvantaged groups in Uganda. Discriminatory attitudes and behaviors towards children with disabilities are widespread.

Joy for Children’s Kampala Slums Project runs Programs for Children with Disabilities.

Parents of children with different disabilities like hydrocephalus, Spin bifida, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome are sensitized and trained with the aim of increasing their knowledge about disabilities.  Most Parents do not understand why their child is disabled or how to properly feed or play with them.

 An effective social support system is created so that families no longer feel isolated.  Five neighbors of each family with disabled children are sensitized on disability.   To increase knowledge sharing among families with disabled children, parents are trained to understand the disabilities and how to accommodate it, and are given the opportunity to exchange their experiences.

In partnership with the Mulago National Referral Hospital wheelchairs are provided which enables the children to leave the house or even attend school ~ often for the first time. Some children who are able to read or write are taught English and Math as often schools don’t have the infrastructure or teachers to accommodate their needs. Sensory toys that improve  coordination skills and strengthen muscles are introduced & given to families.

Our Approach:

  • Counselling and providing guidance for parents of children with disabilities
  • Playing with and teaching children with disabilities
  • Sensitizing communities
  • Giving children with disabilities the opportunity to participate in public life
  • Providing assistive devices like wheel chairs, standing frames, and orthopedic shoes


Great progress has been made with the families we have collaborated with as Partners in improving their Understanding & Knowledge of Disabilities and their Ability to improve their children’s lives.

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